About me

Thanks for stopping by. I am DREAMER, photographer and cat lover. I am born and raised in the Czech Republic, When I was 21 I decided to travel the world and visited Sydney. I quickly fell in love with the city I would later call home. That’s where I met my best friend and the love of my life who also became my husband later on.

Growing up in a family of accountants, I initially started studying to be an accountant but quickly figured out that I wanted to do something different and decided to follow my dreams. I jump into the unknown world of photography. With little experience and no formal training but a lot of dedication and LOVE I set out to become a wedding photographer ….. and that’s what I did.

Meeting my husband (who came from a film industry background) further ignited that passion as he taught me not only the magic of film, but also expanded my knowledge of the technical aspects of photography and helped me refine my talent and skill.

I have been shooting as a Sydney wedding photographer for more than 6 years and I am truly passionate about capturing memories and precious moments.

Our photographic style is very relaxed as I feel that the best pictures are those that portray who you really are. During each session I work to make my clients feel as comfortable and at ease as possible so we can both create and capture lifelong memories instead of forced smiles. These moments happen when you’re laughing with your bridesmaids, smiling at your groom, enjoying your wedding day or dancing up a storm and they’re the moments you’ll want to remember forever.

                                          “We capture the moments, you create”